Start sharing your point of view while earning Amtrak Guest Rewards® points.


Earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points

As a member of Survey Points Club, you will earn Amtrak Guest Rewards points each time you complete a survey. We know your time is precious, so we want to reward you for any time you spend completing surveys. You'll be rewarded at least 250 points when you join & complete your first survey. Plus, you will earn points for each additional survey you complete.

Sign Up Bonus

Earn a special bonus of at least 250 Amtrak Guest Reward points when you join and complete your first survey.

Automatic Deposit

As mentioned, you will earn points any time you complete a survey. In addition, Amtrak Guest Reward points are automatically deposited into your Amtrak Guest Rewards account for you. You don't have to do a thing — let us take care of that for you. You do the earning, we'll do the depositing.